Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

Erich Hoyt (Author)


In the 'Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises', award-winning author and whale researcher Erich Hoyt takes readers into the field for an intimate encounter with some 90 species of cetaceans that make their homes in the world's oceans. Drawing on decades of firsthand experience and a comprehensive familiarity with the current revolution in cetacean studies, Hoyt provides unique insights into the life histories of these compelling marine mammals. Join the author and his fellow researchers as they share their discoveries about cetacean biology and behaviour, from the physical differences and adaptations among the baleen and toothed whales to their highly intelligent hunting and feeding methods. Learn about courtship and mating practices, family relationships and the lifelong bonds among some family members. Meet the symphonic composer of the whale world - the humpback whale, whose complex 30-minute songs reverberate across the liquid universe of the ocean. Find out how some cetaceans survive deep diving and negotiate lengthy migrations across oceans. Hoyt's latest book is not only a fascinating compilation of the latest data on cetaceans but an impassioned argument for the ongoing need for international protection of at-risk populations and their increasingly damaged habitat. Join the discussion about how best to make a future for these remarkable marine creatures. 'Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises' includes: * detailed profiles of some 90 current species of cetaceans; * a report on the newly discovered species in the genus Berardius, a small black form related to the Baird's beaked whale; * fascinating sidebars that bring to life cetacean society and culture; * an enlightening discussion of the differences between dolphins and porpoises; * new information on the history and impact of whaling; * illustrations of each species by renowned artist Uko Gorter; * colour photographs by world-famous marine photographer Brandon Cole, among others.

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Firefly Books Ltd
Publish Date
1 October 2017
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