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A Cat, A Man, And Two Women

Jun'ichiro Tanizaki


The Makioka Sisters

Jun'ichiro Tanizaki


Childhood Years: A Memoir

Jun'ichiro Tanizaki


In Black and White: A Novel

Jun'ichiro. Tanizaki


The Gourmet Club: A Sextet

Tanizaki Jun'ichiro


The Reed Cutter and Captain Shigemoto's Mother: Two Novellas

Jun'ichiro Tanizaki


The Grand Old Man and the Great Tradition: Essays on Tanizaki...

Luisa Bienati and Bonaventura Ruperti


A Man And His Cat 3

Umi Sakurai


Paul McCarthy: The Box


Paul McCarthy: Head Space, Drawings 1963-2019

Connie Butler and Aram Moshayedi


Dog Man 4: Dog Man and Cat Kid

Dav Pilkey


Unveiling a Parallel: A Romance

Two Women of the West


A Hundred New Acrostics On Old Subjects (1867)

Two Poor Women


Paul McCarthy/Damon McCarthy: Rebel Dabble Babble

Donatien Grau, Paul McCarthy, et al.


The Man who Collected Women

Nigel Barley


Two Women in One

Nawal el Saadawi


Two Women and One Man

Erol Senturk


Paul McCarthy - Revised and Expanded Edition

Massimiliano Gioni, Ralph Rugoff, et al.


Some Prefer Nettles

Junichiro Tanizaki