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Justo Miranda


Sun: King of the Monkeys

Carolyn Cather Swan


Sun Shadow Mountain

Nikki Quismondo and Donald R. Anderson


Trying to Catch the Sun

Lucia-Rae Ginsberg


2020 Sun Oracle

Jayne Mason


The Sun from Space

Kenneth R. Lang


Treasures of the Sun Goddess

Paul Michael Barlow


When the Sun Darkens

Jason M. Breshears


The Land of the Central Sun

Park Winthrop


Light An Alien Sun

Gregory Saunders


From the Rising of the Sun...

Aletha J. Solomon


Thank You Sun

Azita Azadi


The Sun & The Solar System

Nancy Dickmann and Supriya Sahai


THE Kracht of the Rising Sun

Vania Von Vanistan


Sun and Saddle Leather

Badger Clark


Sun, Earth and Sky

Kenneth R. Lang


What the Sun Sees

Sarah Edwards


In Sun or Shade; Poems

Louise Morgan Sill


Toward the Setting Sun

Alfred R Jr Pierotti and Jr Alfred R Pierotti


Little Giant Suns



Once Around the Sun

G Habig Boor


Harriet's Hunt For The Sun

Fran Mill


Greek Islands in the Sun

Alan R Massen


The Land of the changing Sun

Will N (Will Nathaniel) Harben


Five O'Clock on the Sun

Terence Kuch