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Across Texas

Edward Sylvester Ellis


Across the River

Megan Easley-Walsh


Across the Stars

Lauren Smith and Noah Chinn


Across the Atlantic

Charles H Haeseler


Across the continent

John Disturnell


Across Patagonia

Florence Dixie


Across the Tracks

Donald Jones


Across Texas

Edward S Ellis


Across the Line

Amy Lee Burgess


Across Africa

Verney Lovett Cameron and Daniel Oliver


Across the Cameroons

Captain Charles Gilson


Across the Continent

J H Redsecker


Across the Mountains

Aren Lerner


Across the Mersey

Annie Groves


Across the Stream

E F Benson


Across Australia

Sir Spencer Baldwin and Francis James Gillen


Across Iceland

William Bisiker


Across the Tigris

John RoAne


Bombers Across

Captain Edgar J. Wynn


Across the Bridge

Magara Scovia


Across the Vapour Gulf

Will Alexander


The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge


Across the Pond

Cheri Crystal


Across the Continent

Professor Faculty of Economics Samuel (Santa Fe Institute) Bowles