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Science Fiction

Sherryl Vint


The Astounding Illustrated History of Science Fiction

Jess Nevins, Dave Golder, et al.


Alternate - A Science Fiction Collection

Shelby Bergeron, Anica Sercovich, et al.


A World History of Art, Revised 7th ed.

John Fleming and Hugh Honour


Science Fiction Illustrations

Jean-Pierre Normand


James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction

Randall Frakes and Brooks Peck


Passing: An Alternative History of Identity

Lipika Pelham


The History of Science Fiction

Adam Roberts


The Spirit of Science Fiction

Roberto Bolano


Uchronia: Alternate Histories & Alternate Worlds

Stefan Paris


Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals

Niall Ferguson


The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition

Peter Frankopan and Neil Packer


The History of Science Fiction

A. Roberts


Henry James: Fiction as History

Ian F. A. Bell