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The Improbability of Love: SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILEYS...

Hannah Rothschild


Exploring Science Through Science Fiction

Barry B. Luokkala


The Seeds of Time: Classic Science Fiction

John Wyndham


Mary: A Fiction

Mary Wollstonecraft


Mary, a Fiction

Mary Wollstonecraft


Mary a Fiction

Mary Wollstonecraft


Flynn's Fantastic Flight

A.H. Benjamin and Marcus Gray


Fact and Fiction: Fiction and Reality

R Evans Pansing


A Deadly Class Reunion

Bill Flynn


How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

Charles (Author) Yu


Trevor the Tree

Lewis Barnes


Musings with Mary & Michael

Michael R. Grego and Mary C. Cantwell


Christopher Pumpkin

SUE HENDRA, Paul Linnet, et al.


Understanding Drugs, Alcohol and Crime

Trevor Bennett and Katy Holloway


Fabulous Science: Fact and Fiction in the History of...

University of Melbourne) Waller John (Lecturer in the History of Medicine


Surfers' Love Story

Bill Flynn


The Captain's Oath

Christopher L. Bennett


Facts, Fiction, Legends and Lies

Joan B. Pritchard