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Gregory Benford

George Slusser


The Art of Fiction

David Lodge


Trevor Howard: Man & Film

Munn and Michael Munn


Gustav Gloom and the Castle of Fear

Adam-Troy Castro


Her Husband's Hands and Other Stories

Adam-Troy Castro


With Stars in Their Eyes

Adam-Troy Castro, Jerry Oltion, et al.


Art by Carlos M. Jimenez

Carlos M Jimenez


The Marvel Art Of Adam Kubert

Jess Harrold and Adam Kubert


Stephane Zaech: Loyola

Art & Fiction


The Fortess at the End of Time

Joe M. McDermott


Cleopatra: Fact and Fiction

Barbara Watterson


Zaric: The Running Hare and Other Sculptures

Art & Fiction


Excalibur By Tini Howard Vol. 2

Tini Howard and Marcus To


Better Angels: A Science Fiction Novel

Howard V Hendrix


Standing Wave: A Science Fiction Novel

Howard V Hendrix


Lightpaths: A Science Fiction Novel

Howard V Hendrix


Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 13, March 2015

Jody Lynn Nye and Gregory Benford



Gregory Benford


Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction

Richard Raham