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Michael Collins: A Biography

Tim Pat Coogan


Jay's Virtual Pub Quiz Book

Jay Flynn


In Harm's Way

Robert Greenberger and Bud Sparhawk


Fantastic Futures 13

Bud Sparhawk


Non-Parallel Universes

Bud Sparhawk


Distant Seas

Bud Sparhawk


Dancing with Dragons

Bud Sparhawk


Shattered Dreams: The Shardies War

Bud Sparhawk


Science Fiction

Sherryl Vint


Cleopatra: Fact and Fiction

Barbara Watterson


Rugby League: A People's History

Tony Collins


Bud Collins History of Tennis

Collins B


Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction

Richard Raham


Michael Schmidt: Photography 1965-2014

Peter Galassi, Thomas Weski, et al.


Cats React to Science Facts

Izzi Howell


R for Data Science

Garrett Grolemund and Garrett Wickham


Science Workshop: 60 Creative Ideas for Budding Pioneers

Anna Claybourne


The Story of Michael Collins

Iosold Dheirg



Lionel Webb


Tony Collins: Football Master Spy

Quentin Cope and Sarita Collins


Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution

Dr. Anne Dolan and Dr. William Murphy