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A Fire Upon the Deep

Vernor Vinge


A Deepness in the Sky

Vernor Vinge


R for Data Science

Garrett Wickham and Garrett Grolemund


True Names

Vernor Vinge


Gregory Benford

George Slusser


Across Realtime

Vernor Vinge


Life Of Robert R. McBurney



Life of Robert R. McBurney

Lawrence Locke Doggett


The Memoirs of Robert R. Howell

Patricia Howell


Brother Robert: Growing Up with Robert Johnson

Annye C. Anderson and Preston Lauterbach


Robert Mapplethorpe


The Ghost Stories of M. R. James


Selections from the Poetry of Robert Browning. with an...

Robert Browning and Richard Grant White


Robert Burns

Robert Burns


Robert Silverberg's Super-Science Fiction

Robert Silverberg



Gregory Benford


Robert Gregory 1819-1911

William Holden Hutton and Robert Gregory