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A E Russell

Daryll Figgis


Examining Differences in Stress Symptoms Based on Sexual...

Ashley Dickson and Stacey Williams





The Life of Samuel Johnson

Thomas Babington Macaulay


Samuel Johnson: A Life

David Nokes


The Life of Samuel Johnson

William Wallace and James Boswell


A Letter to Samuel Johnson

John (Independent Scholar University College London Independent Scholar Independent Scholar Independent Scholar Independent Scho


Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson

Hesther Lynch Piozzi


Vernon God Little

DBC Pierre


Vernon Subutex Two

Virginie Despentes


McBride's Magazine, Volume 68



The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo

Catherine Johnson


American Magazine, Volume 68

Mrs Frank Leslie


Fraser's Magazine, Volume 68

Thomas Carlyle


The Cornhill Magazine, Volume 68

BSC Msc Phdfrcophth (Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts USA) Smith Professor George


Catherine Certitude

Patrick Modiano and Jean-Jacques Sempe


Sigrid Liljeholm

Fredrika Runeberg


Deanna Durbin


Emma's Secret

Barbara Taylor Bradford



Professor Michael Davidson



Sven Tasch


The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 68

John Nichols