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Barb Wire Book 1: Steel Harbor Blues

Art Baltazar and Chris Warner


Barbed Wire

Stuart Haussler


Barbed Wire Heart

Tess Sharpe


Barbed Wire

Reviel Netz


Barb Wire Omnibus Volume 1

John Arcudi


Through the Barbed Wire

Allen Isabella Allen


Across the Barbed Wire

James Pocock


The Barbed Wire Fence

Tina Peters


Barbed Wire Baseball

Marissa Moss and Yuko Shimizu


Barbed-Wire Surgeon

Alfred Weinstein


Barbed Wire and Roses

Peter Yeldham


Frost on Barbed Wire

Elaine Hankin


The Barbed Wire Fence

Arno Christiansen


Barbed-Wire Empire

Will Ermine


Barbed Wire & Daisies

Carol Strazer


Barb Wire and Biscuits

Kristy Goodsman


Behind the Barbed Wire

Gwendolyn Chabrier


Barbed-Wire Butterflies

Jessica Kristie


The Barbed Wire Web

M Alan Apel


Barefoot on Barbed Wire

Jimmy Starr


Barbed Wire, And Other Poems

Edwin Ford Piper