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Nicole Eisenman

Dan Cameron


The Very Best Me



Camden & Company

Marcus March and Melodie


Stalking Camden

Jeanne Kroger


The Hybrid Warship: The Amalgamation of Big Guns and Aircraft

R D Layman and Stephen (University of Edinburgh) McLaughlin


The Manuscripts of Lord Kenyon

Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon Kenyon


Kenyon College Bulletin



Father John Kenyon

L Fogarty



John Nichol


Darkness Within: The Lords of Avalon Series: Book 3

Sherrilyn Kenyon writing as Kinley MacGregor


Vessels of Camden

Barbara Dyer


Camden and Rockport

Barbara F Dyer


The Book of Nicole

Nicole Demario


Nicole a Marie



Nicole Kidman

David Thomson


Katherine Carlyle

Rupert Thomson


A Big World Out There

Cathy Britton


It's [Not] All About Liz!

Liz Rankin, Clara Cassidy, et al.


Bruno's Big Day Out

Joe Varley and Emily Vaughan


Logan's Big Night Out

Tom and Tracey Buffalo


Liz Refuse to Fall

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins and Marilyn Elizabeth Colleton


Liz / Syndicate Girl

Frank Kane