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Blue Bear Woman

Virginia Bordeleau


Winter Child

Virginia Pesemapeo Bordeleau


The Woman In Blue: The Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries 8

Elly Griffiths


Morelli Thing

Frank Lentricchia


Lady Susan

Jane Austen


Blue Bear and Friends

Roger D Beck


The Bears of Blue River

Major Charles Major


The Bears of Blue River

Charles Major


Little Blue Bear

Robert French


Bear in a Blue Tuxedo

Nicholas Andrews


Wedding Bear Blues

Meg Macy


Where Is Blue Bear?

Katie Specht


The Cave of the Blue Bear

Bob Archman


The Missing of Clairdelune

Christelle Dabos


Virginia: The Big Bear vs. the Little Bears

Tracey Sarno Clamp


The Memory of Babel: The Mirror Visitor Book 3

Christelle Dabos


A Winter's Promise

Christelle Dabos


Susan Turnbull; Or, the Power of Woman. a Novel.

Archibald Clavering Gunter


The Woman in the Blue Cloak

Deon Meyer


Journal of Eva Morelli

Maryann D'Agincourt