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Tom Creigan


The Citadel

John (University of Edinburgh UK) Ward


A Sky Full of Birds

Matt Merritt


The Dinosaur Department Store

Richard Merritt and Lily Murray


Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book for Adults

Cindy Wilde, Richard Merritt, et al.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford and Bridget Foley


High Citadel

Desmond Bagley




The Menagerie: Animal Portraits to Colour

Claire Scully and Richard Merritt


City and Citadel

Heather Newby


The Monstrous Citadel

Mirah Bolender


Revised Merritt Records

Merritt Douglas Merritt


The Chancellor and the Citadel

Maria Capelle Frantz


The Scarlet Citadel

Robert E Howard


Silent Tom. an American ... Tale.



Tom Rather's Christmas Tale

Papa Lee


Tom's Crucifix And Other Tales



Massacre at the Citadel

Said Magdi


Inside the Citadel

Ken Byerly


Beneath the Citadel

Destiny Soria