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Grisly Tales from Northumbria - Alan Robson MBE

Alan Robson MBE


Alan Clarke

II Kelly Richard T.



Sheldon J Pacotti


The Sheldon Magazine, Issues 1-4

Henry Olcott Sheldon



Sheldon J Pacotti


Experiments in Belief: Stories 1990-2000

Sheldon J Pacotti


Alan Clarke

Dave Rolinson


Bobby Robson: The Ultimate Patriot

Bob Harris


, Issues 142-147



Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine

Jeffery Ford, Jay Lake, et al.


The D.A.

Thornton House


The Spire: With an introduction by John Mullan

William Golding


D.A. Pennebaker

Keith Beattie


Why She Ran

S.A. Dunphy


Active Control of Offshore Steel Jacket Platforms

Xian-Ming Zhang, Gong-You Tang, et al.


Chinese Human Smuggling in Transit

Sheldon Zhang