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Brian Aldiss

Michael R Collings



Brian Aldiss


A Chinese Perspective

Brian Aldiss


Apertures: A Study of the Writings of Brian W. Aldiss

Brian Griffin and David Wingrove


Where's Brian's Bottom?

Rob Jones


Frederik Pohl

Michael R. Page


The Gossamer Mage

Julie E. Czerneda


Three Types of Solitude: Faber Stories

Brian Aldiss


The Silmarillion: 30th Anniversary

J. R. R. Tolkien


The Revelations of Time and Space

Brian Stableford


This Virtual Night

C.S. Friedman


A Science Fiction Omnibus



Brian Aldiss


The Phantom: President Kennedy's Mission

Ron Goulart



Brian Aldiss


Star Wars: Thrawn

Timothy Zahn


Thrawn: Treason

Timothy Zahn


Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy: (Book 1: Chaos Rising)

Timothy Zahn


Brian Clarke: The Art of Light

Brian Clarke


Robert And Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems

Robert Browning and Elizabeth Browning Barrett