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Countess Kate

Charlotte M. Yonge


Kate's Journey

Lela Jean Clendaniel


Kate Beaumont

J W De Forest


Countess Kate

Charlotte Mary Yonge


Kate Danton



Careless Kate

Oliver Optic


Kate Bonnet

Frank R Stockton


Roze Kate

Nestor De Tiere


Kate's Kite

Jocelyn Hawes and III Reyes Romulo


Finding Kate

Maryanne Fantalis


Jack and Kate

Dianne Blacklock


Kate Roberts

Katie Gramich


Bonny Kate

Mark Strength


The Cruise of the Kate

Empson Edward Middleton


Kate & Ruby

Emily Gallo


Cousin Kate

Hubert Henry Davies


Kate Greenaway

George Somes Layard


Caleb + Kate

Cindy Martinusen Coloma


Kate and Emma

Monica Dickens


Kate's Dilemma

Tricia McGill


Kate's Quest

Shirley Ann Wilder


Kate Wake

Mariianne Mays Wiebe


Kate Hannigan's Girl

Catherine Cookson


Registrar General of Marriages, Births and Deaths

Births and Deaths In Ireland


Qualified Types: Theory and Practice

Jones Mark P. Jones