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Steve, Terror of the Seas

Megan Brewis


Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror

Chris Priestley and David Roberts


I Am Fear

Ethan Cross


Strange Tales of the Sea

Strange Tales of the Sea


Fathoms: the world in the whale

Rebecca Giggs


The Cruize of the Daring. a Tale of the Sea. Vol. I

F Claudius Armstrong


Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Paul Davies


Gogol Collected Tales

Nikolai Gogol


Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth

Chris Priestley and David Roberts


The Pirate of the Mediterranean. a Tale of the Sea, Etc, Vol. I

William Henry Giles Kingston


I Dream Of Fathom

Charles Kelley


Fear Reverence Terror

Carlo Ginzburg


Thoreau and Me

Cedric Taling


Terrorism and the Politics of Fear

David L. Altheide


The Psychology of Terrorism Fears

USA) Sinclair Harvard Medical School Samuel Justin (Assistant Professor and USA) Antonius University of Buffalo Daniel (Assistant Professor


Collected Folk Tales

Alan Garner


The Canterbury Tales (No Fear)