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Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Bach

USA) Kheshti San Diego Roshanak (University of California


Willful Wendy

S Hillbloom


Peter and Wendy

Barrie James Matthew Barrie and Bedford F D. Bedford




Grand Abduction

Kadir I Natho


Abductive Reasoning

Douglas Walton


The Journey of Abduction

Barbara Madrid


Reverse Abduction

Eve (RWA. SFWA) Langlais


Perpetual: Abducted

Brian Huey


Abducted to War

Timothy L Hartzell


Fetal Abduction

C.L. Evans


Security Abducted

Alzuru Daniela


Abducted Alien

Chris "The Abducted Alien" and Hunt Chris


The Shrigley Abduction

Audrey Jones and Abby Ashby


Double Abduction

Chris Beakey


A Royal Abduction

Arthur W. Upfield




Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens / Peter and Wendy

J. M. Barrie


Willful Wendy: The Wedding

S Hillbloom


Wendy Takes A Stand

Christy Wilburn Nobella Webb


Wendy on Wheels Moves On

Angela Ruzicka and Gearhart Elizabeth


Wendy and the Wallpaper Cat

Jason Hook and Ilaria Demonti