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New Managerialism and Gendered Identities

Harrower Julie


Gender, Sexualitat und Organisationen

Sascha Wingen and Ricarda Wildfoerster


Gender and Dialogue in the Rabbinic Prism

Admiel Kosman


Gender and HIV/AIDS Education

Alemu Demessew


Gender and Language Research Methodologies

Ruth Wodak and J. Angermuller


Transforming Gender Policy in Germany?

Heather MacRae


Doing Gender Im Sport

Verena Teschke


Azerbaijan Country Gender Assessment

Asian Development Bank


Armenia Country Gender Assessment

Asian Development Bank


Gender Inclusive Engineering Education

Judith (University of South Australia) Gill, Julie (University of South Australia) Mills, et al.


Gender and Timebound Commandments in Judaism

Elizabeth Shanks (University of Virginia) Alexander


Gender Democracy in Trade Unions

Anne McBride


Gender and Employment in Rural China

Jing Song


Management and Gender: Issues and Attitudes

Margaret Foegen Karsten


Sex, Gender, and Christian Ethics

Massachusetts) Cahill Lisa Sowle (Boston College


Gender Analysis of Popular Culture

Anwar Hira and Rehman Adeela


Gender Bias of Student Evaluation

Tolera Negassa


Gender, Age and Musical Creativity

Catherine Haworth and Lisa Colton