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Phoebe the Praying Mantis

Lenni Howell


Phoebe Anna Traquair

Elizabeth Cumming


Extreme Sleeps: Adventures of a Wild Camper

Phoebe Smith


Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America

Colin R. Johnson


A Little Bit Of Grace

Phoebe Fox


Queerness in Pop Music: Aesthetics, Gender Norms, and...

Norway) Hawkins Stan (University of Oslo


Queer Entanglements: Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and...

New Zealand) Taylor Christchurch Nik (University of Canterbury, Damien W. (Flinders University of South Australia) Riggs, et al.


Britain's Best Small Hills: A guide to wild walks, short...

Phoebe (Phoebe Smith) Smith


Maia Bang Violin Method

Leopold Auer


Perspective: and Other Optical Illusions

Phoebe McNaughton


Gendered Outcasts and Sexual Outlaws: Sexual Oppression and...

Chris Kendall and Canada) Martino London Wayne (University of Western Ontario


Illustrated Herbiary: Collectible Box Set

Maia Toll


Feminist, Queer, Crip

Alison Kafer


The Wilderness Cookbook: A Wild Camper's Guide to Eating Well

Phoebe (Phoebe Smith) Smith


Everything's Trash, But It's Okay: Essays

Phoebe Robinson


The Pink Line: The World's Queer Frontiers

Mark Gevisser


Maia's Mermaid Friend (hardcover)

Lois Wickstrom


Maia's Rescue: Kaha the Puppy

Sarah Knipping