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Hilary Mantel


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Tom Jackson and Cristina Guitian


Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal: The Political...

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Climate Change for Babies

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Adapting for a green economy: companies, communities and...

United Nations and Global Compact Office


What is Climate Change?

Louise Spilsbury and Mike Gordon


Remaking Political Institutions: Climate Change and Beyond

The Netherlands) Patterson James J. (Universiteit Utrecht


Introduction to Modern Climate Change

Andrew (Texas A & M University) Dessler





The 100% Solution: A Framework for Solving Climate Change

Solomon Goldstein-Rose


Reversing Climate Change: How Carbon Removals Can Resolve...

Usa) Chichilnisky Graciela (Columbia Univ and Usa) Bal Peter (Millemont Inst


Climate Change

Izzi Howell


Moving Beyond Fear: Upending the Security Tales in...

Charles Derber and Dartmouth) Magrass Yale R. (University of Massachusetts


Fragile Planet: The Impact of Climate Change

Collins Books


Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction

University College London) Maslin Mark (Professor of Climateology


Climate Change (And How We'll Fix It)

Alice Harman and Andres Lozano


Economy and Climate Change or KGB Agent

Michael Ioffe


Climate Change, A Very Peculiar History

DAVID ARSCOTT and David Lyttleton


The Political Economy of Climate Change in Africa

Augustine I Sadiq Okoh