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I Only Killed Him Once - LA Trilogy #3

Adam Christopher


When I Kill Him, Jesus Can Have Him

Shanier Souffrant and Stephanie Outten


I Saw Him Die

Andrew Wilson


Sharyn McCrumb's Appalachia

Sharyn McCrumb


I Met Him At The Well

Katherine Goody


Him & Me

Michael Whitehall and Jack Whitehall


Before I Met Him

John Nicholl


Reader, I Married Him


Then the Fish Swallowed Him

Amir Ahmadi Arian


Keep Him Close

Emily Koch


I'd Follow Him Anywhere

Coe D Hughes


God is Dead. God Remains Dead. And We Have Killed Him.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Delius As I Knew Him

Eric Fenby


I Love Him, I Love Him Not

Ella Martin


Bradley of Him

Connor Willumsen


A Passion for Him

Sylvia Day





Missing Susan

Sharyn McCrumb


My Kill Adore Him

Paul Martinez Pompa


The Football's Revolt

George Him and Jan Lewitt


Where Was God When I Needed Him?

Dan Myers


Baiting Him

Aurora Rose Reynolds