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Aleksandr Grin

Orishchuk Nataliya


The Heart of the Circle

Keren Landsman


Circles of Deceit

Paul CW Beatty


The Closed Circle

Jonathan Coe


Circle Of Friends

Maeve Binchy


Circle & Square

Connie Isaacs and Alena Razumova


Circle of Doubt

Tracy Buchanan


Solzhenitsyn's Traditional Imagination

James M. Curtis


Solzhenitsyn: Politics and Form

F. Barker


Aleksandr Bestuzev-Marlinskij

Von Chmielewski Horst Von Chmielewski


Aleksandr Askoldov: The Commissar

Marat Grinberg


Aleksandr Ivanovich Polezhaev

Vasil'ev Nikolay


Cowboy Knight Salvation



Projekt Von Aleksandr

Smirnov Aleksandr


The Myth: A Tale of the Be-Ers and the Do-Ers

Circle Netti's Circle and Netti's Circle


The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Bertolt Brecht


Completing the Circle

Anne Stevenson


The Chalk Circle Man

Fred Vargas


Rosewood Circle: The First Day

Drew Shaw


The Eleven Associates of Alma-Marceau

The Old School Writers Circle


Circles of Hell



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Full Circle

Michael Palin