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Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Chitra Soundar and Kanika Nair


Joshua Giraffe Goes Camping

Patti Bowman


Jetta Dog Goes to the Beach

Kristi Forbes and Pooh Day


Little Ghoul Goes to School

Jef Czekaj


Anxious Mark Goes to School

Mark Davis


When Daddy Goes Away

Marie Hinkle and Katie Dwyer


Ralph Goes to Work with Daddy

Cydni Kersey


Trainer Tim Goes to Class

Tim Green


Pee Wee Goes to School

Tanya Renee Gentry


SILLYPANTS Goes to Remote School

Madigan Kent and Belle Kent


Mad Dog Goes to Hollywood

Dennis (Associate Professor of American Literature at Brigham Young University) Perry


Short Verse Goes Trendy

Annette Stovall


Beau Beaver Goes to Town

Frances Bloxam and Jim Sollers


Wolverine: Wolverine Goes To Hell

Jason Aaron


Sister Aggie Goes Surfing

Cynthia Marie


Alley Gator Goes to the City

Marilyn Miller


Ellen G. Goes Fishing

G. S. Crews, designs marion, et al.


Water Puppy Goes to the Beach

Moneera Mellick


Giddy Gilbert Goes to School

Linda Ellis Lee


Nanny Noo Goes to the Zoo

Judy Picciotti


Anthony Ant Goes to France

Julie Bettendorf


Pop Goes the Decade: The Seventies

Richard A. Hall


The Little Pirate Goes To Kindergarten

Tamara Young Lowery


Colleen Goes To The Farmer's Market

Janice Turner and Colleen Connelly


Anna Banana Goes to Sea

Kylee Sainsbury