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How to Be a Fascist: A Manual

Michela Murgia


How to Spot a Fascist

Umberto Eco


Lazy Fascist Double #1: Messes of Men/Lemon Heart

Michael J Seidlinger and Matthew Revert


The Fascist Painting: What is Cultural Capital?

Phil Beadle


Mr. Lazy

Roger Hargreaves



Los Angeles) Mann Michael (University of California


Lazy Women, Lazy Men

Dubai Hemingway


Lazy Cat

Julia Woolf


Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl

Jenny Wren


The Handbook To Lazy Parenting

Guy Delisle


Antifa: The anti-fascist handbook

Mark Bray


Mussolini and Fascist Italy

UK) Blinkhorn Martin (University of Lancaster


Lazy Days

Erlend Loe


Against The Fascist Creep

Alexander Reid Ross


A Brief History of Fascist Lies

Federico Finchelstein


Fascist Italy

Chris Hinton and John Hite


The Lazy Gardener

Mara Grey and Vasily Kafanov


The Lazy Hyena


Fascist Directive

Catherine E. (Clemson University) Paul


Lazy Ozzie

Michael Coleman and Gwyneth Williamson


Industry and Laziness

Franz Hoffman


The Lazy Cross

Vicky McCracken


The Lazy Froggies

Zarghuna Tahir "Z"


The Lazy South

David Bertelson