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Arabian Love Poems

Clementina R. Brown


Prayers And Meditations

Peter Washington


Galaxy Love: Poems

Gerald Stern


Levers of Power: How the 1% Rules and What the 99% Can Do...

Kevin A Young, Tarun Banerjee, et al.


Blue Laws

Kevin Young


Sheila's Trifecta

Dorothy Van Soest


Best Loved Poems

John Boyes


Love Poems

Peter Washington


Persian Poems


Washington, and Other Poems

Cynthia Bullock


Kevin Courageous: A Journey of Faith, Hope and Love

Chuck Mansfield and Mary Ann Mansfield


Peter Rabbit: Happy Easter Peter!

Beatrix Potter


The Story of Young George Washington

Wayne Whipple


Peter Young: Ski for Life

Dave Barker



Peter Love


Shaolin Kung Fu - The Lost Art

Peter Love


Blues Poems

Kevin Young


Sheila in the Wind

Adrian Hayter


Poems for the Young

Francis Emson Dakwa


Sheila's Life

Rodney Tupweod


Sheila For President?

Ron N. Wallace


A Blessing in Disguise

Peter Love