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Painfully British Haikus

Dale Shaw



Fiona Shaw


Mac and Bob - the Unexpected Visitor

Alan Windram and David Sutton


Bob Lord of Burnley

Mike Smith and Dave Thomas


I'm Champion, Call Me Bob: My Story

MBE Champion Bob


Bob Willis: A Cricketer and a Gentleman: The Sunday Times...

Bob Willis and Mike Dickson


Openly Bob

Bob Smith


Bob Ross by the Numbers

Bob Ross


History of Clan Shaw

C.J. Shaw


Entertaining Welsey Shaw

John Grabowski


Crash: Jonathan Shaw

Jean Baird, Stephen Snoddy, et al.



Gilbert Chesterton


Memorials of the Clan Shaw

William George Shaw


George Bernard Shaw

H Chesterton Gilbert H Chesterton and Gilbert H Chesterton


Loving Justice

Bob Hunter and Carol Hunter


Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers...

Bob Moesta and Greg Engle


Bobby Robson: The Ultimate Patriot

Bob Harris