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The Canary: And other Poems

George Livingstone Fenton


Small Boy and Others

Henry James


The Bibliotaph and Other People

Leon H (Leon Henry) Vincent


Death's Other Kingdom

Gamel Woolsey


Bliss: And Other Stories

Katherine Mansfield


Alcohol and Other Poems

Zebediah Sams


The Poet And Other Poems

Achsa W. Sprague


The Vestal: And Other Poems

Henry Verlander


The Trumpeters, and Other Poems

Andrew Downing


Tioba and Other Tales

Arthur Willis Colton


Sappho, and Other Songs

Lovell Bearse Pemberton


Hunger and Other Stories

Ian Randall Wilson


Possession - Demoniacal And Other

T. K Oesterreich


Distinction: and Other Stories

George Horsman


The Weeper and Other Stories

J M Ivie and Grace Ruri


The Covenant & Other Stories

J W Clark


Carlino and Other Stories

John Ruffini


Cranford And Other Tales

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell


Minotaur and Other Stories

Salvatore Difalco


Discipline and Other Sermons

Charles Kingsley Jr.


The Watchman, and Other Poems

L M 1874-1942 Montgomery


Anarchism and Other Essays

Emma Goldman


Writing Alone and with Others

Pat Schneider


Autobiography and Other Writings

Ana de San Bartolome


Other People's Showers