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Panic Room

Robert Goddard


Cold Storage

David Koepp


Memorial: James Ellison, 1778-1820

Mary H Ellison Curran


Memorial: James Ellison, 1778-1820

Mary H. Ellison Curran



H. Rider Haggard


Dancing the Skies: A life - and a love - of flying

David Roome


Two Brothers: The Tale of Kumal and Sangha

James W Ellison, Alain Godard, et al.


The Room

Hubert Selby Jr.


The Don't Panic Gang!

Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton



Emma Donoghue


Managing Separation And Divorce

Diane Roome and Elisabeth Sneade


Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison


Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution!: The Story of the TRANS...

Joy Ellison and Teshika Silver


The Black Ball

Ralph Ellison


Benita: An African Romance

Sir H Rider Haggard


Splitting: The Inside Story on Headaches

Amanda Ellison


Dangerous Visions

Harlan Ellison