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Le Mari passeport

Marga D'Andurain


Lady Mary's Muddle

Bree Verity


Tales of St. Mary's

M D Roy Guyther, Joanne Norris, et al.


Mary in Florentine Art

Timothy Verdon


Old Lady Mary

Mrs Margaret Oliphant


Mary Stuart - A Tragedy

Algernon Charles Swinburne


Brave Dame Mary

George Bankes and Louisa Hawtrey


The Flight of Marie Antionette

G Lenotre and Rodolph Stawell


Bloody Mary Confession

Jack Erickson


Why Mary Matters

Kristofer Carlson





Mary Magdalen: A Chronicle

Edgar Saltus


Mary Lincoln for the Ages

Jason Emerson


Mary Stuart 1587

Alexandre Dumas


Queen Mary a Drama

Alfred Lord Tennyson


A Woman Called Mary

Willi Ray


Frau Marie Grubbe

Jens Peter Jacobsen


The Ballade of Mary Magdalene

George Baxter


Mary Olivier: A Life

May Sinclair


The Mary Jane Mission

Daniel Wyatt


Gospel of Mary of Magdala

Karen L. King


Mary: Woman and Mother

Francis J. SDB Moloney


Dearest Mary Lou

Ann Cason


Mother Mary's Apparitions

Marie-Claire Di Carlo