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Robert Silverberg's Super-Science Fiction

Robert Silverberg


The Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith

Karen Hellekson


The Philosophy of Science Fiction: Henri Bergson and the...

Germany) Burton Berlin James Edward (Institute for Cultural Inquiry


Dimension of Miracles

Robert Sheckley


Frederik Pohl

Michael R. Page


Liminal Characters in the Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick

Salvesen Petter Lundegaard


Robert Silverberg's Many Trapdoors: Critical Essays on His...

Martin Greenberg and Charles Elkins


Brian Aldiss

Michael R Collings


The Stars My Destination

Alfred Bester


The Best of Philip K. Dick

Philip K Dick


Apertures: A Study of the Writings of Brian W. Aldiss

Brian Griffin and David Wingrove


A Time of Changes

Robert Silverberg


Philip K. Dick

Andrew M. Butler


Frederik Pohl Super Pack

Lester Del Rey



Frederik Pohl


Eight Worlds of C.M. Kornbluth

C M Kornbluth