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King Warrior Magician Lover

D Gillette and Robert Moore


Robert Henri

Robert Henri and Nathaniel Pousette-Dart


The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick

Kings County Hospital and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Clinical Psychologist Kyle (Clinical Psychologist


Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant

Philip K. Dick, David Mack, et al.


Reintroducing Robert K. Merton

New Zealand) Crothers Charles (Auckland University of Technology


The Postmodern Humanism of Philip K. Dick

Jason P. Vest


Brother Robert: Growing Up with Robert Johnson

Annye C. Anderson and Preston Lauterbach


Judgment Night: A Selection of Science Fiction

C.L. Moore


The Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth SF Gateway Omnibus:...

Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth


The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

Philip K. Dick



Philip K. Dick


Robert Browning and Alfred Domett

Browning Robert


Memoirs of Robert Alfred Vaughan

Robert Vaughan


Memoir of Robert Alfred Vaughan

Robert Vaughan


Store Of The Worlds

Robert Sheckley


Who Is The Doctor 2

Robert Smith and Graeme Burk


Robert Henry Hendershot

William Sumner. [from old catalog Dodge


Memorial R.G.S. Robert Gould Shaw

Edwin M Stanton


Robert Henry Hendershot

Susan E. Goodman and Doris Ettlinger


Robert Henry Hendershot

William Sumner Dodge


Dying Inside

Robert Silverberg