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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm


Devil's Due Essays of the Elite

Reverend E.R. Vernor


Killer in Silk

H Vernor Dixon


Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre

Eric R. Vernor


The Brothers Grimm Pbdirect

Ruth Michaelis-Jena


Grimm's Household Stories

Brothers Grimm and Walter Crane


The Return of Peter Grimm

David Belasco


Grimms Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm


Grimm: Portland, Wu

Kyle McVey and Marc Gaffen





Grimm Tales: Rise of the Yokai

Daniel Freeman


The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Grimm Wilhelm Grimm, Grimm Jacob Grimm, et al.


The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales

Grimm Brothers Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, et al.


Kinder- und Hausmarchen

Grimm Wilhelm Grimm, Grimm Jacob Grimm, et al.


Sprach Jocobe Grimms

Karl Gustaf Andresen


Grimms Manga Tales

Kei Ishiyama


Grimm's Fairy Stories

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm


Grimm's Fairy Tales

Sara E Wiltse


Grimm's Fairy Tales

Edna Henry Lee Turpin, Wilhelm Grimm, et al.


Grimm Tales of Terror

Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha