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Richard William Church

Augustus Blair Donaldson


A John Brown Reader

Others ., John Brown, et al.


Richard Scarry's Great Big Mystery Book

Richard Scarry


A Race with Love and Death: The Story of Richard Seaman

Richard Williams


The Boy: Stirling Moss: A Life in 60 Laps

Richard Williams


John Brown: An Address by Frederick Douglass

Douglass Frederick


The Life of John William Walshe

Montgomery Carmichael


The Novels and Stories of Richard Harding Davis

Richard Harding Davis


William Browne

Frederic William Moorman


Memoir Of Richard Williams, Surgeon

James Hamilton


Letters of John Richard Green

Sir Leslie Stephen



Leslie Stephen


Letters Of John Richard Green

John Richard Green


Letters of John Richard Green

Green John Richard


Richard Dawkins, C. S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life

DD McGrath DPhil Alister


Frederick William Maitland

H A L Fisher


Richard Harding Davis - A Bibliography

Henry Cole Quinby


Appreciations of Richard Harding Davis

Various Authors of Some Repute


Richard II

Eric Rasmussen and Jonathan Bate