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The First Snowman

Andrea Sheree' Kemmerlin


Technologies of the Human Corpse

University of Bath) Troyer John (Senior Lecturer


Billy and the Minpins (illustrated by Quentin Blake)

Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake


Corpse Whale

dg okpik


Snowman Strikes Back

Allan Plenderleith


The Snowman and the Snowdog Finger Puppet Book

Raymond Briggs


The Tinner's Corpse

Bernard Knight


Abominable Snowman: Book 16

Francesca Simon and Tony Ross


Margarito and the Snowman



The Snowman and the Sun

Susan Taghdis and Ali Mafakheri


The Smiley Snowman

Christina M. Butler and Tina MacNaughton


The Monster Snowman

Gillian Cross and ROSS COLLINS


The Spring Snowman

Amanda Zimmerman


Snowy Snowman


The Gift of the Snowman

Joann Ellen Sisco


The Smiling Snowman

Douglas Hollaway


Lucy and the Snowman

Judith Weinshall Liberman


Nieve the Snowman

Char Prieto and Minjee Kim


Peng! Snowman

Daniel Bodenmann, Peng Wu-Chi, et al.


Abigail & The Snowman

Roger Langridge


Hank and the Snowman

Jim Siders


The Dirty Snowman

C W Sparklet


The Sad Snowman

Chris Waddington


The Corpse Walker

Yiwu Liao


The Corpse at the Crystal Palace

Carola Dunn