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The Executioner's Son: Book three in the Long War series.

Robert E Townsend


Ouroboros: Self Cannibalism

Alem Hailu G Kristos


Ouroboros: Road of Legend

Falling Rain


Ouroboros auto-inicializavel

Robin Bright


The Very Hungry Ouroboros

Eve Jacques and Kathryn Rose


Awaiting the Prophet

Nurefsan Caglaroglu


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Book 9)

Jeff Kinney


Leviathan Awaits

Jamison Fussner


Awaiting Baby

Dominique Turner and Asia Ross


Awaiting Creation

Gail Kadison Golden


Awaiting Oblivion

John Gregg


My Very First Long Ago Book

Matthew Oldham and Lee Cosgrove


Treachery in the House

George Tsuruoka


Treachery in the Night

Herman Lloyd Bruebaker


Golden Treacherys

Ben Matich


Agents of Treachery

Otto Penzler


Heaven Awaits

Mary J Christie


Gods Await

Katherine Tingley and Grace F Knoche


Heaven Awaits

Dr Liz Miller


Treachery's Tools

L. E. Modesitt Jr. and Jr. L. E. Modesitt