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Structure Formation in the Universe

India) Padmanabhan Pune T. (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA)


Athens: The City as University

UK) Livingstone Niall (University of Birmingham


Explaining Language Universals

John Hawkins


The Edge of a Parallel Universe

Jacinda Crawford


The Expanding Universe Saga

Wilroy Steel


University of Fatal Torment

Zeddie Slater


The Ongoing State University

James Morrill


Searching for the Universal Subconcious

Antti Seppa and Antti Sepp


Great American Universities

Edwin Emery Slosson


The Farthest Things in the Universe

Massachusetts) Pasachoff Jay M. (Harvard University, Berkeley) Spinrad Hyron (University of California, et al.


Planning in the University Library

Stanton F. Biddle


A Mathematics Unifies the Universe

Hector Estepan


The Law Of Universal Supply

A. Buckland Plummer


The Finest Ass in the Universe

Anna Tambour


The Centre of Your Universe



The New Quantum Universe

Tony (University of Southampton) Hey and Swansea) Walters Patrick (University of Wales


The University of Maine and the War

Printed at the University Press


Our Place In The Universe

Usa) Glendenning Norman K (Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab


The Universal Letter-Writer

Thomas Cooke (A B )


The Universal Daycare System

Isaac Sachs


Training and Development in Universities

Cosmos Kwame Dzikunu


Outline of Universal History

George Park Fisher