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The Dogleg Murders

Christopher Bryan


The Lighthouse Murder

Elaine J Anderson


The Murder of Hitler

August Franza


Murder at the Cubbyhole

Alice Zogg


Hostage to Murder

Val McDermid


Murder in Maryland

Zenith Brown and Leslie Ford


Mambo to Murder

Dale Clark and Ronal Kayser


The Ofsted Murders

Gary Sargent


The Door Into Murder

Rick L. Phillips


Vacation is Murder

Carolyn Arnold


Murder at Swami's

M. L. Borges


Layout for Murder

Minnie Steinhoff


The Chipmunk Murders

Rick Matkin


A Spell of Murder

Clea Simon


Class Murder

Leigh Russell


Murder by Committee

Henry Marks


Model for Murder

Stephen Marlowe


Murder Story

Agata Stanford


Degrees of Murder

Kevin P. Murphy and Kevin P Murphy


The Impressionist Murders

William Sargent


The Murder in the Wood.



Malice Murder

Alex Collins and T L Haddix


A Model for Murder

Roy a Teel Jr


Sound of a Murder

Pal Undall


Murder at Civatika

G a Catanzariti