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Warfare in the Roman World

A. D. (University of Nottingham) Lee


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Robin Jarvis


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Carolyn Forche


Roman Warfare

California) Roth Jonathan P. (San Jose State University


Whitby in 50 Buildings

Colin Wilkinson


Roman Siege Warfare

Josh Levithan




Rome at War AD 293-696

Michael Whitby


Warfare in the Ancient World

John Cairns, Brian Todd Carey, et al.



Michael Whitby


The Late Michael Henry

Richard L Henry


Michael Cibula: Roman

Richard Voss


Whitby, Esk Dale & Robin Hood's Bay

Ordnance Survey


Michael Unger: Roman

Ricarda Huch


Diodorus Siculus and the World of the Late Roman Republic

Charles (Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Arkansas) Muntz


Sea Warfare

Rudyard Kipling


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Stephen Chapman


Religion & Classical Warfare: The Roman Republic

Christopher Matthew and Matthew Dillon