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Ring a Ring of Roses

Randall K Scott


A Path Not Strewn with Roses

Anne Rochon Ford


A Solitary Moss Rose

Dr Albert Liebman


The Shadow of the Tudor Rose

Wendy Leighton-Porter



Jennifer Mary Croy


The Case of Mary-Rose

Norman Reed Paterson


Red As a Rose Is She

Rhoda Broughton


The Saga of Victorious Rose

Donald Cleveland


A Red, Red Rose

Susan Coryell


A Wild Red Rose

Lynn Shurr


Green Roses and Hummingbirds

Joseph T Evans


Roses and Red Herrings

Ray Hobbs


Rose and the Friendship Wish

Lara Faraway and Jan McCafferty


The Rose That Wants to Bloom

Jessica Lambrinos



Minnie Hannah Peck


The Compass Rose: A Journal



Rose Petals: A Devotional

Rose Reggiacorte Sieber


Rough Road to a Rose

Dorean Davis


La Rose cassante

Charles Demassieux


Run and Smell the Roses

Yolanda Diaz and Itarsha Payne


Villa Des Roses

Willem Elsschot


The Winds of the Compass Rose

George S Converse


Marisol Spanish Rose

Elva Cobb Martin


Rose Finn-Kelcey

Michael Stanley


Shamrock and Rose. a Novel.

Ernte Ariel Wolfe