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Greg Jolley


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Peter Ritchie


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Nicholas Eames


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Hannah Sparks and Katherine Newton


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Stephen M Rathkopf


All the Birds, Singing

Evie Wyld


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Shamaine Henry


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Hanson Devin Hanson



S C Mitchell


The Bass Rock

Evie Wyld


Moving Stretch: Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body

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The Fruit of Falling Down

John Brian Perkins


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Claire Freedman and Tina MacNaughton


Where the Stress Falls

Susan Sontag


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Pamela Holmes


Karen LaMonte

Lucy R. Lippard and Steven A. Nash


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William Shelton


Where I Fall

Victoria Agostini


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Subhakar Das


This is Where We Fall

Chris Miskiewicz and Vincent Kings


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C L Arbo


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Tas Browning