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A Celtic Liturgy

Pat Robson


The Coptic Liturgy: Antient Liturgies

C. Hammond


Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy

Cory B. Willson and Matthew Kaemingk


The Liturgy

The Reformed Church in America


Deacons in the Liturgy

Ormonde Plater


On the Divine Liturgy

St Germanus of Constantinople and St.Germanus of Constantinople


Ancient Liturgies

C. Hammond


Illustrations of the Liturgy

Clement O Skilbeck


Liturgy and Personality

Dietrich Von Hildebrand


Divine Liturgy

Author JW Orchard


Eastern Liturgies

F. Brightman


Liturgy and Agenda

Lutheran Church


The Liturgy in the Catechism

Regis a Ofm Duffy


The Bible and the Liturgy

Jean Danielou


Moving Liturgy

Jane C Wellford


Liturgy Of The Mass

Daniel Rock and W. H. James Weale


Christian Liturgy

Sylvan Stanley Hunting