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James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction

Randall Frakes and Brooks Peck


This Book Will Make You Kinder: An Empathy Handbook

Henry James Garrett


Spatial Zones

Science Fiction Short Stories


Fiction of Henry James

Bhattacharya Dr Shilpi


Algis Budrys Super Pack

Algis Budrys


Some Short Stories [by Henry James]

Henry James


James Herriot's Dog Stories

James Herriot


Theory of Fiction: Henry James


The Fictional Children of Henry James

Muriel G. Shine



Algis Budrys


Henry James: Fiction as History

Ian F. A. Bell


Suicide in Henry James's Fiction

Mary J Joseph


The Short Fiction of James Pearson

James Pearson


The Complete Short Stories of James Purdy

James Purdy


Cyber Pathways

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories


Zonal Horizons

Science Fiction a Fantasy Short Stories


Some Short Stories by Henry James (Dodo Press)

Henry James


Henry James: History, Narrative, Fiction

Australia) Jolly University of Newcastle Lecturer in English Roslyn (Lecturer in English


Rogue Moon

Algis Budrys


The Novels and Stories of Henry James

Henry James


Science Fiction Short Stories