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Across Realtime

Vernor Vinge


A Fire Upon the Deep

Vernor Vinge


A Deepness in the Sky

Vernor Vinge


True Names

Vernor Vinge


The Vernore Gene

J.T. Whitesell


Realtime Babies

David Zeltzer


Vernor's Ginger Ale

Keith Wunderlich


Spirit In Realtime

Jeffrey Lee Simons


Realtime - Making Digital China

Marc Laperrouza, Clement Renaud, et al.


El diario de las frases

Yahvexill Across


Across the Void

S.K. Vaughn


Realtime Color Stereovision Processing

Byron P Formwalt


Across the Water



The Vernor's Story: From Gnomes to Now

Lawrence L. Rouch


Realtime Hardware Simulation and Modeling

Tilani Gunawardena, Zaigham Abbas, et al.


Building the Realtime User Experience

Ted Toden


Dynamic and Realtime Rescheduling Models

Sundaravalli Narayanaswami


Skalierung von Realtime Multiplayer Games

Tobias Schroeter


Across the Nightingale Floor

Lian Hearn


Across the Risen Sea

Bren MacDibble


A Chain Across the Dawn

Drew Williams