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The Lady Detective: A Murder Mystery Novel

Robert H Fellows


Fell Murder: A Lancashire Mystery

E.C.R. Lorac


Murder Most Festive: A Christmas Mystery

Ada Moncrieff


Murder in the Snow: A Cotswold Christmas Mystery

Gladys Mitchell


Murder at the Manor: Country House Mysteries

Martin Edwards


Murders for Sale: A Mystery Novel

Andre Norton and Grace Allen Hogarth


Murder in the Mill-Race: A Devon Mystery

E. C. R. Lorac


Crippen: A Novel of Murder

John Boyne


The Blonde Murders: A Detective Sara Nichols Mystery

G Wayne Tilman


Murder is Calling: A Detective Bendix Mystery XIV

Phyllis G. McDaniel


Inlet Boys: A Thrilling Detective Murder Mystery

Chris Krupa


Checkmate to Murder: A Second World War Mystery

E.C.R. Lorac


The Phoenix of Florence: Mystery and murder in medieval Italy

Philip (Author) Kazan