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Mark 13 and the Return of the Shepherd: The Narrative Logic...

USA) Sloan Assistant Professor Paul T. (Houston Baptist University


The Spirit of Romance: And Other Stories

Michael W Elliott


A Painter's Romance, and Other Stories.

Eleanor Holmes


A Romance of the Fair, and Other Stories.

Lancelot Alfred Cranmer Byng and Hugh Edward Cranmer Byng


Prodigy Volume 1: The Evil Earth

Mark Millar


The Case of the Vanishing Blonde

Mark Bowden


What's Your Phrase That Pays?

Mark J Dahl


The Mystery of Jack

David a Seaton


A Humble Romance and Other Stories

Mary E Wilkins


From The Dead

Mark Billingham


A Hypocritical Romance: And Other Stories

Caroline Ticknor


A Humble Romance: And Other Stories

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman


Romance in Starland, and Other Stories

Kate Elizabeth Perkins Glass


A Humble Romance, And Other Stories

Mary E Wilkins


Humans of New York: Stories

Brandon Stanton


Ray Johnson: Selective Inheritance

Kate Dempsey Martineau


That Was the Answer: Interviews with Ray Johnson

Julie J Thomson


Digital Libraries: Integrating Content and Systems

USA) Spalti Michael (Willamette University, Mark V. Dahl, et al.


Victorian Convicts

Barry Godfrey, David J. Cox, et al.


Criminal Children: Researching Juvenile Offenders 1820-1920

Barry Godfrey and Emma Watkins


A Mark in My Life

Linda Garrard Rock