The Man the Nazis Couldn't Catch

John Laffin


For The People

Anelia Schutte


The Missing Will

Michael Wharton


Journey to Oxford

John Mulgan


The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley


Marx in London

Asa Briggs and John Callow


This Medical Life

James Owen Drife


Alexandria: The Last Nights of Cleopatra

Peter Stothard


Beyond The Limits: The Lessons Learned from a Lifetime's...

Bt OBE Fiennes Sir Ranulph


Lost Voices of The Royal Air Force

Max Arthur


An Advocate's Journey

Michael A Cooper


Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker

A N Wilson


King of Clubs: Grow Rich in More Than Money

Robert H. Dedman, Debbie DeLoach, et al.


Women Healers Through History

Elisabeth Brooke


John Wesley, a Personal History

Ralph Waller


Robert E.Lee: A Life Portrait

David J. Eicher


The Return of Assassin John Wilkes Booth

W. C. Jameson


Texas Heroes: A Dynasty of Courage

Mona D. Sizer and Janie Petty


Singing a New Tune: The Rebirth of the Modern Film Musical

John Kenneth Muir