Prescott: The Biography

Colin Brown


Talking Myself Home: My Life in Verses

Ian McMillan


Safe by a Mile

Thomas L. Altherr and Charlie Metro


The M Word

Maia Dunphy


Herman Bang

Lothar Muller


Brett:Last of a Breed Collect CB

Steve Cameron


Jew as an Outsider

Jack Nusan Porter


Charles Baudelaire

Bernhard Dieterle


Nathan Bedford Forrest: In Search of the Enigma

Eddy Davison and Daniel Foxx


Meetings: Autobiographical Fragments

Martin Buber


The Harbour Within: A Book of Simple Spirituality

Sister Consilio



Forrest Reid


New Eden: James Kilbourne and the Development of Ohio

Goodwin F. Berquist and Paul C. Bowers


Selected Letters and Papers

French Ensor Chadwick


Bucking the Trend

Chris Rogers