Business, Finance, Law

Retirement Savings and Security


Valuation Approaches and Metrics: A Survey of the Theory and...

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The Economics of Counterfeit Trade: Governments, Consumers,...

Alan Zimmerman and Peggy E Chaudhry


Income Distribution Dynamics of Economic Systems: An...

Marcelo Byrro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) Ribeiro


Innovations in Shipping

Peter Lorange


International Finance: Contemporary Issues

Canada) Levi Maurice D. (University of British Columbia


Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games

Bezalel Peleg and Peter Sudhoelter


Managed Care Quality: A Practical Guide

USA) Al-Assaf Oklahoma Oklahoma City A. F. (University of Oklahoma and R. Robyn Assaf


Stakeholder-Dialoge Erfolgreich Gestalten: Kernkompetenzen...

Vera Frieg, Petra Kunkel, et al.


Digitaler Darwinismus: Der Stille Angriff Auf Ihr...

Ralf T Kreutzer and Karl-Heinz Land